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Designers, Go Live.

RapidUI lets you turn design files into live websites
without writing code.

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Start with your design

Built for designers, RapidUI uses AI and machine learning to turn Sketch and Photoshop designs to interactive and responsive web interfaces. We call it design-first website building.

Generate code automatically

RapidUI is fully compatible with Sketch and Photoshop files. Once you’ve uploaded your design, your file will be automatically translated into semantic HTML/CSS and JS.

Add life with interactions and animations

Transform static elements into live using our predefined interactions and plug-and-play animations. Turn buttons, links, maps, and forms into delightful user experiences.

Adapt to every screen

Our responsive toolkit makes it easy to fit designs to every screen size. Build responsive experiences by setting breakpoints on your original design, or uploading design files for different resolutions.

Take your design online

Go live on your domain

Publishing your website is a breeze with RapidUI’s hosting plan (and blazing-fast Amazon servers).
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Edit your content

Once you’ve gone live, you can still add or edit anything, anytime using our content management system.

Into code? Check this out.

Coding is always an option. Whether you’re a coding wizard or just playing around, your code is accessible and exportable at every stage.

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